Ultra Gas & Plumbing trading as HFT Ultra Gas & Plumbing News Feed http://www.ultragas.co.nz Ultra Gas & Plumbing trading as HFT Ultra Gas & Plumbing THE NEW SHOWROOMhttp://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/6/THE-NEW-SHOWROOM<p>Come on Down to Ultra Gas &amp; Plumbing &amp; Check Out Our New Showroom &amp; Range of Gas &amp; Woodburner Fires! With Well Known Brands Such as Rinnai, Escea, LivingFlame &amp; More!</p>1558526400http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/6/THE-NEW-SHOWROOMhttp://www.ultragas.co.nzTHE NEW SHOWROOMhttp://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/6/THE-NEW-SHOWROOM Winter is Coming!http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/5/Winter-is-Coming<p>Summer is gone and the cold weather is rolling in! Now is the perfect time to have your gas fire serviced by one of our gas experts so its ready to go before its to cold! Phone Today!!</p>1553684400http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/5/Winter-is-Cominghttp://www.ultragas.co.nzWinter is Coming!http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/5/Winter-is-Coming It's Summer Time!http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/4/It-s-Summer-Time<p>Summer is finally here! Now is the perfect time to get your gas fire serviced and cleaned out by our professional team to make sure its ready to go for next winter. Call the Ultra Gas team to make an appointment today!&nbsp;</p>1543489200http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/4/It-s-Summer-Timehttp://www.ultragas.co.nzIt's Summer Time!http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/4/It-s-Summer-Time Introducing the Jayline UL200 ULEB http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/3/Introducing-the-Jayline-UL200-ULEB<h2>New Zealand&rsquo;s most efficient ultra-low emission burner is here!</h2> <p>The 2018 Jayline UL200 is inspired by the latest European wood fire designs and has the largest flame window of any ULEB on the market for the ultimate ambiance. Designed here in New Zealand, but New Zealand based Jayline, the UL200 is the most efficient ultra-low emission burner on the market at 79% efficiency and meets all of New Zealand&rsquo;s clean air standards including the strict CM1 emissions tests. It&rsquo;s fully automated and easy to use, requires no electricity to run, produces steady heat output and very little ash, making it easy to operate and maintain. It&rsquo;s incredibly versatile&nbsp;and suitable for metro or rural homes from 100 to 220 metres squared.</p> <p>If you&#39;re interested in having the Jayline UL200 installed in your home across the Southland region, <a href="/contact-us" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:2">contact Ultra Gas &amp; Plumbing today.</a></p>1522494000http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/3/Introducing-the-Jayline-UL200-ULEBhttp://www.ultragas.co.nz136Introducing the Jayline UL200 ULEB http://www.ultragas.co.nz/news/3/Introducing-the-Jayline-UL200-ULEB