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About Ultra Gas & Plumbing

Ultra Gas & Plumbing has been operating for over 20 years. The business started in 1994 and has continued to grow ever since. The philosophy at Ultra Gas & Plumbing is to price a job right, make sure it’s done professionally and to a high standard. We work to the plumbers and gasfitters act, which protects the health and safety of members of the public by ensuring that people who carry out sanitary plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying are competent and engaged in the work they are carrying out.

The team at Ultra Gas & Plumbing are qualified tradespeople and have a wide range of experience that makes them integral to the Ultra Gas & Plumbing team. Brian believes in supporting the trades industry across Invercargill and Southland through apprenticeships and supporting the ongoing education of his staff. Ultra Gas & Plumbing are proud members of the Master Plumbers and the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Board. We believe in supporting and providing specialists and experts in the industry, who consistently deliver high standards of workmanship and quality products to our customers.

Brian - Managing Director

Ultra Gas & Plumbing Brian Haldane

Brian has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, having started in 1972. He completed his apprenticeship in 1977 and worked in England and Australia over a three-year period. Brian became a qualified drainlayer in 1975, a qualified plumber in 1980, a qualified gasfitter in 1984 and qualified as an associated electrical electrician in 2017.
Ultra Gas & Plumbing was established by Brian in 1994, and has had incredible support from Robyn whom he met in 1995 to help set up the business and contributed a lot time and effort. Robyn and Brian married in 2010. Brian’s background is supported by the types and quality of work the company is involved in. Brian believes in all work being completed to a high professional standard and believes in delivering quality workmanship and attention to detail to every stage of the process, through to completion.
Brian has spent some time teaching in the industry and believes it is an important responsibility for senior tradespeople. Training apprentices is an important aspect of any trade and Ultra Gas & Plumbing make it an integral part of the company culture to have apprentices, with two currently in training.
Outside of work Brian enjoys spending time with family, friends, fishing and boating.


Robyn Lawson – Office Manager and Debtors and Creditors Control

Ultra Gas & Plumbing Robyn Lawson

Robyn started working at Ultra Gas & Plumbing, alongside Brian, in 1998 and as office manager handles a lot of the administration. Robyn brings a lot of experience to her role, with almost ten years previous experience in administration and twenty years with Ultra Gas and Plumbing.
Robyn has been able to juggle raising three children and working for other businesses while at Ultra Gas & Plumbing over the past twenty years. She has found it incredibly rewarding to watch the business grow and is extremely proud of the Ultra Gas & Plumbing team of technicians. She’s found it rewarding to see them arrive into their apprenticeship from high school, become qualified and mature into adults who can be role models to a younger generation of apprentices.
Outside of work Robyn enjoys spending time with family and friends and on weekends you’ll probably find her at home or in the garden, or out looking for bargains and treasures at op shops.


Andrew Haldane – Gasfitter, Plumber and Drainlayer

Ultra Gas & Plumbing Andrew Haldane

Andrew has been working for Ultra Gas & Plumbing since 2006. At over a decade with Ultra Gas & Plumbing, Andrew is a licensed gasfitter and NZQA qualified plumber and drainlayer.He enjoys being in a position where he can help the business grow and likes to maintain client satisfaction. He always likes to ensure that work is completed to a high standard and believes good communication between customers, staff and tradespeople ensures the smooth running of the day to day business.
Outside of work, Andrew enjoys spending time with his partner and two boys, motorbike riding, and holidaying.

Brandon Lawson – Gasfitter, Plumber and Drainlayer

Brandon Lawson – Gasfitter, Plumber and Drainlayer

Brandon has worked at Ultra Gas & Plumbing for 10 years. He completed his apprenticeship with Ultra Gas & Plumbing and is a qualified plumber, gasfitter and drainlayer.
At Ultra Gas & Plumbing, Brandon likes working on technical issues with gas appliances and finds it rewarding to do a great job and have happy clients.
Outside of work Brandon is keen on the great outdoors and enjoys hunting. At the weekend you’ll probably find him working on cars.


Ethan Boyd - Office Manager

Ethan Boyd Ultra Gas & Plumbing

Ethan started with Ultra Gas & Plumbing in May 2016 and brings a wealth of knowledge from the IT industry to his role as Office Manager at Ultra Gas & Plumbing. Ethan has been instrumental in streamlining the workflow for Ultra Gas & Plumbing by bringing the business up to 2018, with the help of mobile applications and a revamp of the website.
Ethan helps to make the business run a bit smoother, not just for the team, but for Ultra Gas & Plumbing’s clients by helping to prioritise work and structuring jobs, to ensure they run smoothly and on time.
He enjoys working at Ultra Gas & Plumbing as the business has a family feel to it. Because they’re a small crew, they look out for each other and someone is always willing to lend a hand. He says the guys are always up for a good laugh and are genuine, down to earth people. He finds it rewarding when customers come in not knowing what they want and leave knowing exactly what they want and are happy with the final product installation or completed project.
Outside of work, Ethan enjoys socialising with friends and at the weekends you’ll find him out for a drive or messing with computers.


Matt Templeton – Gasfitter, Plumber, and Drainlayer

Ultra Gas & Plumbing Matt Templeton

Matt has been with Ultra Gas & Plumbing since July 2009 and has done his apprenticeship through Ultra Gas & Plumbing, becoming a fully qualified gasfitter, plumber and drainlayer in 2013.
Matt enjoys working at Ultra Gas & Plumbing because all the team produce high quality work and are a good bunch to work with. The work is also varied, and you learn a lot on the job, about other trades and life skills. You get to know how to spot not only good quality gasfitting, plumbing and drainlaying work but also good building work.
Matt finds it rewarding to look back and see his work completed to a high standard. He likes that he’s learned so much through his job, and that it’s skills that he can use in the real world. He also likes that he’s met so many nice people and he’s developed good communication skills with his customers.
Outside of work Matt enjoys hunting and fishing and plays Airsoft.


Jarrod Irwin - Apprentice Gasfitter and Plumber

Ultra Gas & Plumbing Jarrod Irwin

Jarrod began working with Ultra Gas & Plumbing in September 2017 as a labourer and at the start of 2018 became an apprentice.
Jarrod is keen and eager to learn a trade and gives anything new a go. If he makes a mistake, someone will talk him through it and give him tips on how to improve for next time.
Jarrod really likes working at Ultra Gas & Plumbing as everyone is easy to get along with, and helpful. Jarrod also enjoys the wide variety of gas and plumbing work which they receive. Learning on the job has been a rewarding and enriching experience for Jarrod, and he’s keen to learn more of the ins and outs of the trade.

Sean Stevenson – Apprentice Gasfitter and Plumber

Ultra Gas & Plumbing Sean Stevenson

Sean is an apprentice who started with Ultra Gas & Plumbing in 2016. Prior to this he completed a bachelor’s degree in contemporary music, with a double major in performance and music education.
Sean always wanted a trade, coming from a family of tradesmen, so that’s how he arrived at Ultra Gas & Plumbing. Sean enjoys the good banter with the team at Ultra Gas & Plumbing and enjoys being that ray of sunshine in their day. He takes pride in the quality workmanship they all produce.
At Ultra Gas & Plumbing, Sean enjoys working under Brian and learning a trade off him as his knowledge in the field is extensive and they experience specialist projects through Ultra Gas & Plumbing which give a great insight into the industry. Not only is Sean gaining qualifications, but he’s also learning about different systems, technologies, and methods of working which he can apply to various situations and practical applications in the real world.
Sean likes to live by the quote; ‘Kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka - The kumara never brags about its sweetness.’ Outside of work Sean enjoys spending time with his two daughters and pursuing his passion for music by playing in several bands.


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